Friday, April 12, 2013

Thank You, Amy... For Always Being YOU!

How many people in the Lehigh Valley have been touched, influenced, moved, inspired, educated, and/or led by Amy Burkett? We know we have! We are so grateful to know Amy and we are fortunate enough to have worked with her a number of times. We wish Amy all our best as she makes the move into a new and even greater leadership position at PBS WTVI in Charlotte, NC.  But, Amy, did it have to be so far away!? ;)

Really, though, we are sincerely happy for you and your family – and we know it must be nice for you guys to be closer to Disney! We know you are going to do even better things, Amy – you were born to lead and we admire what you do. Thank you for your support, guidance, encouragement and wisdom – for us and all of the Lehigh Valley; and thank you for always being YOU! Congratulations! Charlotte is gaining much having you as part of its community!

Rocky & Amy at the Chamber's Economic Outlook 2013
Photo by Sherry Clewell Photography
A new chapter begins
Moving on to new opportunities
Yes, change can be challenging
But how else would we grow
Reaching for more
Kindness abounds
Embrace it
Teacher and friend
Thank you for everything

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