Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How hard can it be to make a film in two days?

What was that Billy Joel song?  You May Be Right (I May Be Crazy)?  Well, maybe we are … because FireRock Productions is about to get its start in time-limit film competitions, and in a pretty wild sort of way.  Of course, we may struggle with sleep deprivation and getting a quality product out the door, but that’s all the fun of the 48-Hour Film Project, and we’re taking part in the 2013 tour when it hits New York City inside of two weeks.

Wait. Did we say two weeks?  (Deep breath)

For those who aren’t familiar with time-limit film competitions, here’s what we’re up against:  The way the 48-Hour Film Project works is that on the night of the kickoff to the event you are given several unique elements.  They include a genre, character, line of dialogue and a prop.  Then you have two days to include all these elements and make the best movie possible.  

What we’re preparing for is mostly being wide awake from Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 2.  We’ll be filming in the Lehigh Valley and we’re set on having a good time, feeding off the energy of our team, and making something that can ultimately win the 48-Hour Film Project.

Can we pull it off?  I guess we’re about to find out...

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  1. Best of luck. If you create a good story, we'll be talking about you over at See It Online.