Saturday, June 1, 2013

Manic movie-making madness commences

If you see a few zombies wandering around the Lehigh Valley today, don't worry. It's just our film crew on very little sleep.

A hectic Friday night that involved racing to New York City with six of us stretched out in a limousine ended with the realization that we may have jinxed ourselves by telling The Morning Call we weren't sure how we'd tackle making a zombie movie as part of the 48 Hour Film Project

So... guess who's trying to make a zombie movie in just 48 hours (or roughly about 30, in our case. Which is what happens when you endure a brainstorming session on the way home from Manhattan, all the while punching out text messages and calling in favors for cast and locations and equipment. And then you opt to sleep and get a fresh start on Saturday morning before your brain truly enters an apocalyptic world).

Now here we are, with no Andrew Lincoln or Sarah Wayne Callies to rally our sleep-deprived, near-Walking Dead cast of characters.  But we're going to have fun and make the most of our first-time experience with 48HFP. So follow this blog throughout the day for photos, video and a peek inside our film-making process.  In advance, we'd like to thank everyone for their comments, suggestions, advice, props, equipment and the donation of a large chunk of their Saturday to make this happen.  We've got a great cast of characters involved, so stay with this blog for updates!

8:30am - Meet the star of our first shot of the day!

8:45am - Brains taste better in a rose garden...

10:40am - Drop Me A Line costume shop for zombie makeup

Setting up inside Cantelmi Funeral Home. Because nothing says zombies like death. 

1pm - A zombie in waiting 


2:30pm - Our real pizza delivery girl just made the movie. Her one word: "Brains?"

4:50pm - Here's our first Vine!

Zombie reveal for our 48 Hour Movie Project:
Special thanks to Ray Santoleri for the amazing makeup!!

5:10pm - Zombie sisters?

6pm - Zombie Attack! It's about to get messy!

6:25pm - The Living Dead

7:15pm - End Of Life

8pm - It's a wrap! Time to edit!

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