Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We're Celebrating Small Business Week!

Did you know that since President John F. Kennedy first introduced Small Business Week in 1963, every president has signed a proclamation to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners all over the country?  We're proud to be part of that group here in the Lehigh Valley from Main Street in Emmaus to Broad Street in Bethlehem.  From  Centre Square in Easton to 7th Street in Allentown and everywhere in between.  We are one of the 30 million or so small businesses here in the United States, and we know we also provide a service that helps other local businesses grow and thrive.

Monday, President Obama declared June 16-22, 2013 as National Small Business Week when he stated, “America’s small businesses reflect the best of who we are as a Nation—daring and innovative, courageous and hopeful, always working hard and looking ahead for the next great idea.”  That describes to a T so many people who live and work in this area.

Now, when most people think of "small business," hopefully they think of businesses like FireRock Productions, and others you would typically find in quiet little towns and big cities all across the country.  We know people turn to us as a way to enhance their business and reach the masses with a particular message, but we also can't help but smile when we see small business owners simply open their doors and help to revitalize an entire area.

One statistic you might be shocked to know is that more than two-thirds of Valley businesses employ nine or fewer people, but the impact they can have is enormous.  With that in mind, here are just a couple of things we're doing to celebrate small business week and help other local businesses in the Lehigh Valley:

Enjoying dinner or dessert in a locally owned and operated restaurant or bakery: Everyone who knows us knows we love to enjoy a great meal or a baked treat.  We also know local businesses don't have the budgets the big chains do to bring traffic in the door and put people at booths and tables.So the next time we walk by a local eatery, we're stopping in!

Buying produce and groceries from the farmer’s market: We know it might cost a little more, but we also know that buying from someplace like the Emmaus Farmer's Market means we're buying from a local business -- and that's putting money back into the pockets of local farmers and food artisans.

Telling a friend about a favorite local business: In the last few months we've ramped up our social media efforts, so we know it's easier than ever to tell friends about other local businesses we love simply by clicking the "Like" on their page or retweeting someone's glowing review about a new place they've shopped, the best cupcake they've eaten or a new bookstore they've discovered.

In short, patronizing and sharing your favorite small businesses with your family and friends will help them celebrate small business week too.  And we should all recognize the role they play in the Lehigh Valley's economic growth.

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