Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Time to Get Creative With Video Marketing!

Are you struggling to figure out if video marketing is right for your business?  One of the reasons why video marketing is so successful is that it can be used in so many different ways. 

Here at FireRock Productions, we optimize video for your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, or any other place you’d want to put it.  But free flowing pictures and sound aren’t necessarily a good thing if you don’t have quality content.  If it’s not eye-catching and creative, then it fails to drive home a point and reach potential customers. 

We recently checked out a blog (passed along by our good friend Carol Ritter) that talked about creating a YouTube channel to leverage the free marketing that’s available to your business via the web and social media.  This paragraph was definitely worth noting: 

“Where YouTube pales in comparison to TV is in the quality of content, and without the full backing from brands it is likely to remain this way.

The freedom of YouTube is an opportunity brands would be foolish to ignore, as they can express their brand in whatever way they wish, unlike in traditional broadcast, all at a fraction of the cost of a TV commercial.” 

Quality video can make a customer’s digital interaction with your brand more engaging.  After all, people often visit YouTube to watch videos that are as entertaining and humorous as they are helpful.  Put it all together and you have the ability to dramatically increase consumer interest.

Just check out these numbers...

A video we did for Coca-Cola Bottling of the Lehigh Valley has 34,892 views on our (Rocky Urich Productions) YouTube Channel...

Laughing at my Nightmare has 78,496 on our FireRock YouTube Channel... 

...and Immaculata University just posted their new commercial on their YouTube Channel on June 25 (less than 2 weeks ago) and they're close to breaking 2,000 views.

These numbers aren't even counting Vimeo views or any other platforms where our clients may have hosted it!  So we need to ask -- are you using YouTube creatively to increase awareness for your business?  If the answer is no, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help!