Monday, December 22, 2014

FireRock Productions Welcomes Casey Feinberg!

Lehigh Valley Video Production
FireRock Productions welcomes Casey Feinberg!
What makes people decide that it’s time for a new job? For many people it’s probably that they are unhappy with their current job. That they want more money. They want to be more appreciated.  Maybe they are moving and need to find something new. They have been there for too long and it’s time for something different, or they just aren't good at what they are currently doing and want to find something that is a better fit. For me it was far from any of those things. I had a great job, was pretty darn good at what I was doing, loved the people I worked with, and, overall, it was just a great place to work. As a young, easily influenced individual, I believe that it is extremely important to be surrounded by people who will make you the best you can be. I wanted more tangible positive values and the time and opportunity to truly care about the customers and the experience that I was providing. I can be a very positive, bubbly person who can often put a smile on the face of the people around me, and I was looking for the chance to have that personal connection more often, in a role that also utilizes my strengths while cultivating new skills.

When I was approached by Rocky and Julia to possibly work with them at FireRock Productions, I immediately felt a sense of longing for what they have. I have known them both for more than a year and a half, and every time I’ve been around them I just feel the positive energy. There is something about the people that they are down in their cores that always radiates in their presence. Two caring, devoted, extremely hard-working people with the best values that I have seen in anyone in a long time. They aim to provide their clients and customers with the absolute best, most positive experience every time they work with them. I have never heard a bad word about them, their work, or the way they go about things. I know that, through and through, they are two people who could have an amazing impact on a young person like me.

Lehigh Valley Video Production
The FireRock team at Blue Mountain Ski Area - Casey's first shoot!
It is so easy to fall into a routine and into a career that sucks the life out of you. You work too many hours, you're over stressed, and slowly you start to lose the person you initially were.  Everyone wants to be able to provide for their family, and have the best-paying, most successful career they can have. But those things tend to often come at the cost of your happiness. With Rocky and Julia, they strive for all of those things, have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this company, and still radiate the best core values and energy. They haven’t lost who they are while successfully creating an accomplished, highly-respected business, and I look up to them so much for that. 

So, when I got that call and knew that I could have two people who represent exactly what any small start-up business should be and have them to mentor, guide, coach, and mould me, I didn't even have to think twice about my answer. This is absolutely the best step that I could have taken in my career and I am sure that my time spent with FireRock Productions will, without a doubt, help shape me into the person I am going to be for the rest of my life.  

With that, I am revved up and ready to take on all of Rocky and Julia’s values and continue to provide the best FireRock experience that I can. I look forward to working with exciting clients and projects and hope to every day learn something new from both Rocky and Julia.  I want to hear people’s stories, help be there to capture it on film, and present them with a fantastic finished product that they can have forever.

With one month under my belt, I’d say this growing team is well on its way to even greater, positive, impactful things!

Lehigh Valley Video Production
Rocky, Casey, & Julia - FireRock Productions

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FireRock Productions Receives Three 2014 Emmy® Nominations!

Lehigh Valley Video Production

It seems like just yesterday that we took with us this amazing group to celebrate at the Emmy® Awards last year.

Lehigh Valley Video Production
FireRock Productions with family, friends, & mentors on the way to the 2013 Emmy® Awards
Well, September 20th is right around the corner, and we just found out FireRock Productions received three 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® Award nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS)!

1) Commercial/Single Spot - Lehigh Valley: The Opportunity is Yours!

2) Promotion/News & Program & PSA/Single Spot - Heart Walk 2013

3) Editor/Short Form - Rocky Urich

Thank you to our constant supporters and congratulations to the nominees with whom we share these categories - we're honored to be in your company!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our Secret is Out! Our Videos Are a Result of...

FireRock Receives Excellence in Business Award

Our SECRET is OUT! Our videos are a result of truly comfortable and meaningful relationships. Yes, that's what FireRock Productions boils down to, and on June 18th we were overwhelmed to be recognized for it! The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber's Excellence in Business Awards are presented to companies and individuals which exemplify excellence in business, supported by their mission statement, chamber and community involvement, customer satisfaction, and their demonstrated commitment to quality, leadership, marketing, training, and development.

Rocky & Julia Urich of FireRock Productions
Rocky & Julia Urich of FireRock Productions receiving
their Excellence in Business Award
Thank you, Anne Baum of Capital BlueCross and Jill Hewes of MKSD architects, for nominating us for this huge honor. Thank you, Marlyn Kissner of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber and Carol Ritter and Laurel Mikovits of Caroltalks, for being real examples for us in the business community every day. Thank you, Scott Babashak and Liz Keptner, for always guiding us with your expertise in the industry. Thank you, Murtaza Jaffer of Express Business Center, for being the first to make networking easier. Thank you, Chuck Gloman of DeSales University, for continuing to teach us well after graduation. All of you have offered so much without expecting anything in return. Most importantly, thank you all for your friendship! Thanks always to our parents for the best example of relationships, constant support and infinite love!

FireRock Productions is built upon Lasting Relationships
When we joined the Chamber, we were just a couple of kids…
In five short years, our business relationships and friendships have grown and multiplied. After much self-evaluation and consideration (filling out the long, but worthwhile EIB Award application!), we now understand it's because we genuinely care about not only the final video product, but the group or individual with whom we're working, as well. (<- again, probably that parental example…) We are so grateful for everyone we have met along the way, even those from whom we learned what NOT to do; and especially the group with whom we are presently collaborating to bring together our new project:

Behind the Scenes of FireRock Productions Award Acceptance Video
Behind the Scenes of our Excellence in Business Award Acceptance Video
Yes, there have been scenarios in which we were asked to “throw something together” or to keep a project “down and dirty, basic.” We've never done it and we don't plan to anytime soon. We understand the power of video and believe even the most basic, internal communication piece is representative of a business or individual. Video is a truly powerful tool; a weapon which, when wielded with care and precision, can shape an opinion, perspective, brand, or message. It can either tarnish or bolster a reputation. We recognize the significance of every decision we make in every video we produce. We literally have the power to change the way a subject is viewed, and we neither disrespect that power, nor take it for granted. Rather, we are honored to be trusted with it.

We have always made it our mission to continue to improve our community; to raise the bar for video production in Lehigh Valley because we believe that the region, our home, deserves the best. There are wonderful businesses and people here who deserve to have a strong, prosperous economy in which to work, live and play. After every production, we ask ourselves, “have we done our best?” As long as we can answer “yes” to that question, we know we can be confident that we are continually improving and doing the utmost to help our community and clients move forward.

FireRock Productions filming at West Side Hammer Electric
The kid versions of ourselves filming at West Side Hammer Electric
This philosophy has become our reputation, and our reputation has become our number-one marketing tool. Our client, colleague and friend, Scott Babashak of GF Pension Corporation says about FireRock, “Great companies are successful based on their ability to deliver a quality product and display extreme professionalism. But they add two other elements that are crucial to sustained success and honor within the community. Those two things are honesty and integrity. I’ve known that their trophy shelf would fill up quickly, but I think they would be just as proud to know that they were recognized for something beyond their finished product; the recognition that they care about their community and their clients and work hard to make sure people get that message. FireRock is fast becoming not just a leading production company, but also an organization recognized for the message they project, not just the messages they produce for the screen.”

The following video was part of our acceptance of this prestigious award, which we were (and still are) so honored to have received at Blue Grille House in Bethlehem.

FireRock Productions Excellence In Business Award Acceptance Video from FireRock Productions on Vimeo.

For more testimonials about FireRock Productions, click here!

Monday, March 10, 2014

FireRock Receives Best of Show at 2014 ADDY® Awards!

Lehigh Valley Video Production

We received a Best of Show and a Gold ADDY for the 2013 Heart Walk Commercial for the Lehigh Valley chapter of the American Heart Association. The commercial features 3-year-old Sam Vlasics, the 2013 Child Chair/Heart Hero for the Lehigh Valley Heart Walk.

Sam was born with two life-threatening heart defects, but you would never know! Though a little shy at first, he warmed up to the camera with the help of Mom and Dad, and we had a blast filming! We love working with kids, mostly because Rocky is a big kid himself! Sam is a true heart hero and continues to inspire us. We hope he touches your heart, too! 

FireRock was also awarded Gold ADDYs for our Immaculata University “Be Mighty” commercial and the “Meet the Staff” video for the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. These, along with the Heart Walk Commercial, will go on to compete at the district level of the American Advertising Awards.

Capital Blue’s testimonial commercial “Start Here” received a Silver ADDY. Congratulations to all of the 2014 ADDY winners!

Lehigh Valley Video Production
Thank you to our wonderful clients and community partners who enable
us to continue doing the work we love! These ADDYs are for you!

Part of our mission at FireRock is to give back to the community which has given so much to us, particularly the opportunity to do what we love. So, we want to use what we do to help YOU and our whole region! We aim to do that in the form of a new local program featuring former KYW-CBS3 morning anchor, Liz Keptner – it will change the way you view local TV! We will provide you with game-changing local production - programming like you've never seen before. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more news about the project, coming later this Spring!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Intern’s Insight (Weeks 2 - 4)

Shane here! After just a few weeks of interning with FireRock Productions, I'm proud to announce that I have successfully taken over the company, fired Rocky and Julia (although I've brought them on as unpaid interns), and will be turning away from video production to focus more on selling charcoal, which seems like a smarter business model with a name like "FireRock." Just kidding, but there are still many weeks left for my master scheme to play out. [Insert evil laugh]

The first few weeks have been challenging, rewarding, and eye-opening. Rocky and Julia wasted no time throwing me into the fray. Shortly after writing my introductory post, I was asked to prepare a list of possible video segments that I would enjoy making for a big project they are working on in collaboration with Countess Communications. Easy enough, I thought. I jotted down some interesting story ideas, but after the first few, I realized it was tougher than I thought it would be to produce this list. Doing some research online, and spending most of my down time brainstorming, I finally had a list of ideas that I was satisfied with after a few days, just in time for my first official meeting with FireRock.

Meet FireRock Productions' Spring 2014 Intern, Shane Burcaw!

I Skyped into the meeting due to the 78th snowstorm in Pennsylvania this winter, which was nice because it allowed me to not wear pants and still appear professional from the chest up. Rocky and Julia were meeting with Jeff and Marta Countess of Countess Communications to discuss ideas for their big project. As soon as I "arrived," Julia said, "Alright, let's hear what you've got!"

I read my list, a little nervous that my ideas were stupid, but the group received them with excitement and support. Molding some ideas into new ones, suggesting changes here and there, and I even got a few "that's awesome, we have to do that" responses! After that, Julia surprised me and said, "Okay, pick one that you'd like to produce from start to finish this semester." I was taken back a little, not expecting this much freedom for my first project. We joked around about my apparent hesitancy, and they assured me that they would guide me along the way. I just wanted to make sure I picked an idea that would be good for FireRock, and that seemed doable in my given timeline.

I selected a story (no I'm not going to tell you what it is yet!) and we discussed what my roles were as a producer. My next steps were to begin contacting the necessary locations and individuals who would be key pieces in the segment. Rocky suggested I also start brainstorming a shot list. We wrapped up the meeting, and I left feeling excited by the new responsibility placed on my shoulders.

In usual Shane fashion, I wanted to move very quickly. In my head, this segment could be done in a week or two if I worked hard and effectively. More snowstorms, conflicts with scheduling, and some other minor obstacles led to delays that I didn't expect. I contacted Julia, worried that I was failing, and she completely relieved my frets. "Get used to it," she told me, "this stuff happens in this business." People and circumstances are unpredictable, so it's important to do what you can and keep going, she explained. She also suggested that I start thinking about another segment while waiting for some details to come together for the first idea. I was glad that my slowness wasn't really slowness, but normal-ness.

That's where I currently stand (or, sit). Producing is a new animal that I'm learning one step at a time, but I've loved every part of it so far (except the slowness)! I'll have more updates in a week or two. Until then, stay warm, stop shoveling (another storm will be here by the time you finish), and have fun.

Monday, January 20, 2014

An Intern's Insight (Week One)

Hello there! My name is Shane Burcaw. I'm a senior studying English at Moravian College, and for this semester I will be interning with FireRock Productions and their talented, amazing, generous, beautiful, perfect owners, Julia and Rocky Urich (wow, look at all those heartfelt adjectives, this kid deserves an A). I'll be keeping a blog for the duration of my time with FireRock to recount my trials and tribulations, and also to expose the proprietors as corrupt and fascist dictators if need be (wow, blackmail in the first blog, we better give this kid an A just to be safe).

Meet FireRock Productions' Spring 2014 Intern, Shane Burcaw!
Spring 2014 Intern, Shane Burcaw
Photo by Shannon O'Connor

First, a little about me, I am a Bethlehem native, went to Freedom High School, hope to be a writer some day, and love spending time working for the nonprofit organization that I founded two years ago (Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc!). In fact, working for my nonprofit is how I first met Rocky and Julia. Long story short, my company wanted to make a promotional documentary, FireRock offered to help us create it pro bono, and the final product eventually won us a Mid-Atlantic Emmy! Don't tell them, but I'm secretly just doing this internship for a chance at more awards.

On a serious note, there are many skills that I look forward to learning and developing throughout this experience. I know that FireRock has some very exciting projects in development that I can't wait to begin working on. I'll get to practice different types of writing and thinking, and if I'm lucky, they'll let me apply some of those new skills to their projects. I hope that you will follow my journey over the next ten weeks, and stay tuned for all the big things that are on the way. Worst case scenario: you'll get to witness a self-assured college student flounder in an environment that he is unaccustomed to working in. It's going to be great!