Monday, January 20, 2014

An Intern's Insight (Week One)

Hello there! My name is Shane Burcaw. I'm a senior studying English at Moravian College, and for this semester I will be interning with FireRock Productions and their talented, amazing, generous, beautiful, perfect owners, Julia and Rocky Urich (wow, look at all those heartfelt adjectives, this kid deserves an A). I'll be keeping a blog for the duration of my time with FireRock to recount my trials and tribulations, and also to expose the proprietors as corrupt and fascist dictators if need be (wow, blackmail in the first blog, we better give this kid an A just to be safe).

Meet FireRock Productions' Spring 2014 Intern, Shane Burcaw!
Spring 2014 Intern, Shane Burcaw
Photo by Shannon O'Connor

First, a little about me, I am a Bethlehem native, went to Freedom High School, hope to be a writer some day, and love spending time working for the nonprofit organization that I founded two years ago (Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc!). In fact, working for my nonprofit is how I first met Rocky and Julia. Long story short, my company wanted to make a promotional documentary, FireRock offered to help us create it pro bono, and the final product eventually won us a Mid-Atlantic Emmy! Don't tell them, but I'm secretly just doing this internship for a chance at more awards.

On a serious note, there are many skills that I look forward to learning and developing throughout this experience. I know that FireRock has some very exciting projects in development that I can't wait to begin working on. I'll get to practice different types of writing and thinking, and if I'm lucky, they'll let me apply some of those new skills to their projects. I hope that you will follow my journey over the next ten weeks, and stay tuned for all the big things that are on the way. Worst case scenario: you'll get to witness a self-assured college student flounder in an environment that he is unaccustomed to working in. It's going to be great!