Monday, December 22, 2014

FireRock Productions Welcomes Casey Feinberg!

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FireRock Productions welcomes Casey Feinberg!
What makes people decide that it’s time for a new job? For many people it’s probably that they are unhappy with their current job. That they want more money. They want to be more appreciated.  Maybe they are moving and need to find something new. They have been there for too long and it’s time for something different, or they just aren't good at what they are currently doing and want to find something that is a better fit. For me it was far from any of those things. I had a great job, was pretty darn good at what I was doing, loved the people I worked with, and, overall, it was just a great place to work. As a young, easily influenced individual, I believe that it is extremely important to be surrounded by people who will make you the best you can be. I wanted more tangible positive values and the time and opportunity to truly care about the customers and the experience that I was providing. I can be a very positive, bubbly person who can often put a smile on the face of the people around me, and I was looking for the chance to have that personal connection more often, in a role that also utilizes my strengths while cultivating new skills.

When I was approached by Rocky and Julia to possibly work with them at FireRock Productions, I immediately felt a sense of longing for what they have. I have known them both for more than a year and a half, and every time I’ve been around them I just feel the positive energy. There is something about the people that they are down in their cores that always radiates in their presence. Two caring, devoted, extremely hard-working people with the best values that I have seen in anyone in a long time. They aim to provide their clients and customers with the absolute best, most positive experience every time they work with them. I have never heard a bad word about them, their work, or the way they go about things. I know that, through and through, they are two people who could have an amazing impact on a young person like me.

Lehigh Valley Video Production
The FireRock team at Blue Mountain Ski Area - Casey's first shoot!
It is so easy to fall into a routine and into a career that sucks the life out of you. You work too many hours, you're over stressed, and slowly you start to lose the person you initially were.  Everyone wants to be able to provide for their family, and have the best-paying, most successful career they can have. But those things tend to often come at the cost of your happiness. With Rocky and Julia, they strive for all of those things, have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this company, and still radiate the best core values and energy. They haven’t lost who they are while successfully creating an accomplished, highly-respected business, and I look up to them so much for that. 

So, when I got that call and knew that I could have two people who represent exactly what any small start-up business should be and have them to mentor, guide, coach, and mould me, I didn't even have to think twice about my answer. This is absolutely the best step that I could have taken in my career and I am sure that my time spent with FireRock Productions will, without a doubt, help shape me into the person I am going to be for the rest of my life.  

With that, I am revved up and ready to take on all of Rocky and Julia’s values and continue to provide the best FireRock experience that I can. I look forward to working with exciting clients and projects and hope to every day learn something new from both Rocky and Julia.  I want to hear people’s stories, help be there to capture it on film, and present them with a fantastic finished product that they can have forever.

With one month under my belt, I’d say this growing team is well on its way to even greater, positive, impactful things!

Lehigh Valley Video Production
Rocky, Casey, & Julia - FireRock Productions