Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Three Years in a Row!

Lehigh Valley Video Production

Three years in a row, the Program Photographer Emmy® Award has gone to Rocky Urich of FireRock Productions. Rocky always says it takes an entire team effort... this year is a testament to that and is extra special as he gets to share this honor with Jim Herman and Amy Sheller of Abominable Productions. Their talents have been an invaluable addition to many of our productions over the past few years; collaborating with them is so seamless, and best of all, FUN!

Lehigh Valley Video Production
Amy Sheller of Abominable Productions & Rocky Urich of FireRock Productions

One of those collaborative projects earned three Emmy® nominations this year. In fact, "The World of Roey's Paintbox" involved an entire team of individuals who wholeheartedly gave of their time and talents in order to create something one-of-a-kind, and it is hosted by Roey Ebert of Roey's Paintbox.

This educational series for kids was nominated in the Children/Youth/Teen Program category, the Program Editor category, and the Graphic Arts/Animation category.

Lehigh Valley Video Production
The "World of Roey's Paintbox" team en route to the 2017 Emmy® Awards
In late 2015, the team began the long process of creating a series of videos that might provide a short escape for the patients of Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital. "The World of Roey's Paintbox" was brought to life with the help of so many people and sponsors. From concept to launch, everyone on the team wore multiple hats and put in the extra time to make deadlines without sacrificing the quality of their piece of the project. The result is a whimsical world in which children can learn through the arts... with an original set, theme song, and soundtrack.

We did it all without an Emmy® in mind, but when the series was nominated three times this August, of course we got excited about the possibility of winning one together. We had a wonderful time celebrating with each other at the ceremony this past weekend and congratulate the winners and all of the other nominees. One day, this series will earn an Emmy®, but for now, more importantly, we forge ahead with a new series of segments for the kids!

The World of Roey's Paintbox - FireRock Productions
Reactions from the children as they see the "World of Roey's Paintbox" set for the first time.